We train and support founders and teams to collaborate better with team members, peer groups, and attract talent.

Started by four-time founder, Ben Baldwin , we've grown from 6 to 500+ founders and teams in under 2 years. Why?


Allen Lau
Founder/CEO of Wattpad

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When people ask me what The Founder City Project is and why I'm a part of it, I like to say "It's this thing that saved me." From great business advice to kinship with a small peer group that you can trust with your life, Founder City has made founder life way less lonely and way more successful.

When you declare that you’re founding a company, a whole new dimension of Toronto opens up to you. The best part? The Founder City Project. I trained and joined a peer ‍‍‍‍‍‍group of eight incredible founders. Our monthly meetings are my secret for staying sane. It’s a safe space, completely confidential, and without it, being a founder would be a much much much harder job than it already is.

Ben ignited The Founder City Project, which gathered [its first] 200 founders to sign up and commit to a confidential forum group/community in a very short period of time. I am lucky enough to be in the same forum with Ben over the last couple of years.  I would highly recommend working with him.‍‍‍

Huda Idrees
Founder/CEO of Dot ‍‍‍Health

Tami Zuckerman
Founder of VarageSale

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Scott We‍‍‍ber
Developer Lead at Shopify


Founder City helped me better understand the importance and application of self-awareness within senior management teams and ongoing feedback are key to driving company growth.

The Founder City Project helped me face my ego and crush it so I can help others build the world, while giving me the confidence and skills to lead. The skills really gave me the courage [I needed].

I was a bit skeptical coming into the in-person class last week, but then was pleasantly surprised. I thought it taught really useful skills, and I was blown away at how useful the [peer] groups were, even across different industries and experiences. ‍‍‍

Nathan Monk
Sr. Strategist, Growth and Scale at MaRS

Susana Ponce-Froment
Vice President of ‍‍‍Credit at FundThrough



‍‍‍Chris Hadfi‍‍‍eld
O.C., O.Ont., M.S.C., C.D. (Ret’d) Astronaut, Space Shuttle veteran, Soyuz pilot, Commander of the International Space Station.

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Peer learni‍‍‍ng and support improves alignment and business outcomes. (1)

Inclusiveness and psychological safety makes teams more diverse and 18% better at uncovering critical blind spots. (2)

Collaborative teaming reduces preventable failures, including better hiring decisio‍‍‍ns. (3)

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