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Started by four-time founder, Ben Baldwin, we have a diverse community of founders and employees, trained to participate in high-performance confidential peer groups and problem-solving events (new).

Allen Lau
Founder/CEO of Wattpad

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I was skeptical about the project at first, but trusted [Ben] and it's been probably the most impactful thing to me personally and to our business in the past year.

When you declare that you’re founding a company, a whole new dimension of Toronto opens up to you. The best part? Th‍‍‍e Founder City Project. I trained and joined a peer group of eight incredible founders. Our monthly meetings are my secret for staying sane. It’s a safe space, completely confidential, and without it, being a founder would be a much much much harder job than it already is..

Ben ignited the Founder City Project, which gathered [its first] 200 founders to sign up and commit to a confidential forum group/community in a very short period of time. I am lucky enough to be ‍‍‍in the same forum with Ben over the last couple of years.  I would highly recommend working with him.

Huda Idrees
Founder/CEO of Dot ‍‍‍Health

Andrew D'Souza
Founder/CEO of Clearbanc

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Scott Weber
Developer Lead at Shopify

Founder City was a surprising and inspiring program, and one that I gleaned a lot of tangible insight from. Really a great program. I'll be sharing some exercises with my teams, teaching them about the value of storytelling in making human connections and building tr‍‍‍ust and empathy. I'm also going to work more intentionally to create those shared moments and experiences with my partners and clients.‍‍‍

The Founder City Project helped me face my ego and crush it so I ‍‍‍can help others build the world, while giving me the confidence and skills to lead. The skills really gave me the courage [I needed].‍‍‍

I was a bit skeptical coming into the in-person class last week, but then was pleasantly surprised. I t‍‍‍hought it taught really useful skills, and I was blown away at how useful the [peer] groups were, even across different industries and experiences. I'm looking forward to giving these peer groups a try!

Nathan Monk
Sr. Strategist, Growth and Scale at MaRS

Rob Domagala
Dir. Strategy and New Business at TWG

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Chris Hadfi‍‍‍eld
O.C., O.Ont., M.S.C., C.D. (Ret’d) Astronaut, Space Shuttle veteran, Soyuz pilot, Commander of the International Space Station.

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